While the exact sources of Tarot are not completely known, the most commonly-held belief and earliest available reliable information is that Tarot originated as a game in 15th century Italy, by adding to a normal deck of cards 21 trump cards, a fool, and 4 queens of each suit. Some early Tarot decks of North Italian origin, which date to the early to mid-15th century have remained. These were called carte da trionfi or "cards of the triumphs". Soon afterwards, the cards came to be known as Tarocchi. It is unknown when the tarot was first used for divination. As early as 1540, a book entitled The Oracles of Francesco Marcolino da Forli shows a simple method of divining from the coin suit of a regular playing card deck. Manuscripts from 1735 (The Square of Sevens) and 1750 (Pratesi Cartomancer) show rudimentary divinatory meanings for the cards of the tarot, as well as a system for laying out the cards. In 1765, Giacomo Casanova wrote in his diary that his Russian mistress frequently used a deck of playing cards for divination. In 1781 Antoine Court de Gebelin wrote a speculative history and a detailed system for using the tarot to fortell the future. From Gebelins time forward, various explanations have been given for the origins of tarot, most of them of doubtful veracity. There is no evidence for any tarot cards prior to the hand-painted ones that were used by Italian nobles, but some esoteric schools believe its origins could be in Ancient Egypt, Ancient India or even in lost continent Atlantida.

TAROT.ISG.SI is a site that provides free tarot reading.

Let tarot help you gain perspective in your life -- to view your life and life events in a new light. Tarot provides guidance -- by helping you guide yourself. Tarot does not "tell the future" -- for each of us is responsible for his or her own future -- but it can offer insights to help you see things clearly.
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The four directional star spread provides insight on what is happening now in your life. It shows recent past and the immediate future. You can use this spread daily to see how everything is going. Cards in the spread have the corresponding meanings. The first card is where you are now, the immediate influence. The second card is your recent past and the third card the immediate future. The fourth card is what is covering you, or in other words the biggest influence hanging over you at the moment.


The relationship spread gives us an insight in our partnership. It compares where we stand and where our partner. This spread is to be used in specific situations or just to overview our relationship.
CARD ONE: Where do we stand in our relationship? Compare the two.
CARD TWO: What is our spiritual/soul conection?
CARD THREE: What is our common bond?
CARD FOUR: What is our common vision?
CARD FIVE: What are our inner blocks?
CARD SIX: What helps?


The first card is your Yin card representing Earth Mother and the second card drawn is your Yang card representing Sky Father. This daily reading will enlighten you how to bring in the guidance of Tarot for a day balance.


The first card on the right is your past or what is in your mind at the moment. This is always an issue from the past, something you need to let go of. The card in the middle is your present situation or what are you in the middle of at the moment. The third card is what is ahead of you. This three-card spread is suitable to be used once a week for an overview of the week that you are in the middle of.


The path to inner wisdom spread is to be used when we have a problem or an issue and we want a deeper look in the current situation.
The first card reveals the essence of the question.
The second card reveals influences from within.
The third card reveals outside influences.
The fourth card stands for the path of action.
The fifth card represents the path of passivity.
The sixth card represents the way of the heart.
The seventh card shows the possible outcome.